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    A range of bespoke programmes for personal and professional development.



    With ladies taking a more pivotal role in both business and domestic environments , the European Etiquette Academy has devised this comprehensive programme designed to expose participants to savoir-faire and the refined skills required of a social hostess and modern lady of the residence.


    Our comprehensive programme, tailored specifically for gentlemen, takes participants through the protocols and principles of portraying oneself in a successful and confident manner. Through dress codes, grooming, mannerisms, and refinement, our Gentlemen’s Etiquette master-class is one which comprehensively embraces the necessary attributes to assert oneself.


    With more and more business connected through personal relationships and effective leverage of networks, our Social Etiquette master-class equips candidates with a comprehensive set of social skills to assert themselves effectively and command their environment.


    Created and targeted towards the K6 (7-11) age group , our programme specifically formulated for the younger generation ,focuses on honing and instilling a comprehensive set of moral , social , and personal values and skills to equip our participants to acquit themselves confidently and stand out from the crowd.


    In modern global business climates, savoir-vivre is absolutely incremental in forging successful partnerships that are based on mutual respect. As the very essence as to why the European Etiquette Academy was founded, we take an informative journey into differing business etiquette nuances.


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    Targeting a range of graduates from high- school through to university , our bespoke development programmes are able to equip students with life skills that will elevate them and instil values that they will carry well into their further studies or professional careers.